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I am smiley's cancerous tumor, I am the cat that drags rats into the home.
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I will from henceforth stop trying to ruin everything I put my mind to by refraining from putting my mind, which equates to doing nothing at all either way you look at it.
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today when i heard about somebody getting trampled at a walmart it made me embarrassed to be a human being. I dislike a lot of things about human beings which is what lends to my being a novelty i believe and i dont' want to be a novelty i just want to be real i want to hurt and i am making claws at my friends, which is wrong and i'm sorry, but nothing happens. i just don't want to be told that "everything I do is adorable" anymore. it's like taking a shit and having people thank you for it. I need to be excited about someithing in my life.
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Endless Flattery
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IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY CONVENIENT FOR ME TO HAVE AIDS because then at least I would have an excuse for not wanting sex AND I wouldn't have to live as long. I hate the requisite that every human interaction is in a degree suxual. I am truly fed up w/ "That ass is bomb" or "i woud tap that" or "tastes like cum" or whatever and you cannot look at another human being without them being like "OH HE WANTS ME IN BED (insert positive or negative connotation here)". I want a place where things are not sexual and people can interact and live comfortably together like trees and our young would just sprout up from the ground spontaneously and we would not stress ourselves out or have drama. perhaps I will start a cult and we will die together happy. Would we be an unattractive bunch, I wonder? or some sort of MOTLEY CRew?
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socializatio a lot like fishing. well i'm going to squid myself to oyster for a bit of dolphin, then seahorse. tuna?
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i want to cast my own shadow
i am sick of hanging out in everybody elses
it feels disgusting and I am disgusted with myself

and yet, i am no provider of shelter
for in those who seek it, however briefly
i see the same desperation that i condemn myself for
and so what will come to pass?
this is a cancerous demon that must be eliminated or derailed.
and will i walk alone?

and deny everything good about me because it feels unsafe?
but what then, do I go all willy nilly?

if i break my boundaries will i have none? I think i won't be able to handle it, but will I ever grow? there is something I like about these West Bank walls; and that is the semblance of a home.
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bills discreetly stacking up agaist a thoroughly fixed income blizzard with a chance of showers. i am oppposed to referendum and do not believe in a closed gun policy on our state elementary schools. please, if you are going to wear a gun. my pillow is getting flimsy but i'll bet pillows don't wish they went to heaven, so why should i? i want to go somewhere wamr and tropical like in the hit classic by Stan Getz from impanema. it will always have a home here with me.
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a wet slice of bread
makes a soup n sandwich
much more like
the balding man's mohawk
makes the balding man
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the moon is full
the night is young
tonight we're gonna
have some fun
the teeth are sharp
and the jacket
and the air is cold
no time could be better!
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